FSU Card Access

A Card Access Control System is a system that controls access into or out of an area using card readers. FSU utilizes an enterprise magnetic stripe card access system which allows centralized management of card access through the use of the FSU Card. FSU also utilizes standalone card readers manufactured by Locknetics which are not centrally-managed and are not addressed here. There is currently a project in place to consolidate the two systems into one, at this time they are separate. The two systems are identified and defined as:

  • cCure Card Access- centrally managed card access system
  • SMS/Locknetics Card Access- stand-alone card access system

Online integrated security access control:

  • Eliminates traditional locks and keys
  • Restricts access to controlled areas
  • Allows reporting of access gained through card swipes to any centrally-managed area.

The cCure Card Access system is the University’s main enterprise system and is the preferred application where keyless entry is required. SMS/Locknetics Card Access is in the process of being phased out and replaced with the cCure Card Access system. Recurring monthly billing for FSU Card Access is provided through Information Technology Services (ITS).

See definitions here.