University Standard Card Access Arming and Disarming Policy

Exterior/Perimeter Building Doors-Pursuant to F&A policies for card access system security, perimeter doors on buildings that are outfitted with card access security will be armed only during the hours of 11:00pm to 5:00am, Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and holidays. The impact of this limited arming time is that alarms are not generated outside of those hours in the event of breaches of security (doors forced open, doors held open, motion detectors, etc.).

This does not apply to intrusion (burglar) alarms systems. This also does not apply to card access areas that are set up as “intrusion zones” where arming and disarming are done locally by the department. Some buildings are not armed on weekends during hours which have been observed as regular weekend operating hours. FSUPD CASS can provide information to authorized department security representatives as to hours of arming for any specific building or area.

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